Monday, 7 December 2015

The boy inside every Man

When a boy gets married, his whole life changes. He is surrounded by responsibilities that he may not know. He transitions from a BOY to a MAN. He grows up. Here is a beautiful note about the Sweet little boy that lives inside every man.

I always wonder, why does society look at married men differently? He might be working hard to run his family,he might be wearing a formal dress that makes him look married. But, a 6 figure salary and his a worried look does not make him a man.
He might be still learning how to protect and provide not only his wife and children, but his parents and siblings as well as it is what society expects him to do, he might not want to be always asked "Where is your wife?"

Marriage doesn't suddenly turn a little boy into a man.
For a matter of fact having kids does not necessarily do the same either.
Celebrate the child within him. He is not a potential rapist. He may be anyone: your brother, friend, father or any stranger walking by.

He is not supposed to be responsible for in numerous things or countless responsibilities put on him by society.

He is not responsible to always protect you from everything.
He is not your go to person for all your troubles in life.
He is not the shoulder for you to cry on. 
He is not an ATM machine for you ready to mint money for all your unrealistic demands.
He is not responsible for maintaining anyone for life.

Let the little boy live in him ever....
Let him go out and play his favourite sports with his friends.
Let him go out with them in the bar and have beer.
Let him take long leaves without having to worry about family and enjoy a trip to Thailand.
Let him enjoy the company of his parents.

Grow up but do take your time guys and and please let that little boy live within you forever. Do not worry about any responsibilities. This is what women with "little girls" living inside them do as well and as per equality, you too need to stay away from responsibilities and enjoy life to the fullest without bothering about anyone. 

And for all my female friends, cherish him, spoil him, free him from all responsibilities and most importantly Do Not threaten him with false cases in order to control him ... He was not born to protect and provide for everyone. It is his sense of responsibility that makes him do so... :)

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